Collection: Wovens


Woven fabric is made differently than knits and rarely, if ever, has vertical or horizontal stretch to it. There will be a slight amount of stretch across the bias (diagonally).  Or even a little 'give' to it that resembles a little stretch.

CREPE - Crepe is going to refer to the texture of your fabric, indicating it is not smooth. Bubble crepe is a poly crepe that has a ‘bubble’ texture to it . Rayon crepe is a rayon woven that will have almost a closely ‘wrinkled’ texture.

PEACHSKIN - Peachskin is smooth and very soft with a very slight fuzziness that mimics the skin of a peach.

CHIFFON - Chiffon is a lightweight and sheer woven fabric. It is great as an overlay or in multiple layers for a light, flowy look.

RAYON CHALLIS -Rayon Challis is very soft and almost feels similar to a Hawaiian shirt. It is one of the easiest wovens to work with aside from cotton woven.

COTTON WOVEN - Cotton woven can come in different weights. Quilting cotton weight is the kind you would use for quilts, but lighter weights make great apparel fabrics. It is stiff with very little drape but does make lovely gathered or ruffled garments.

SILKS & SATINS - Silk & satin are great for formal wear or ‘dressy’ outfits.  They have a 'slippery' feel to them that can make them a little more difficult to sew.  

Ideas of what you can make: skirts, dresses, tanks and tops/blouses. Many store bought garments are made with woven fabrics. They are typically a little more ‘dressy’ or ‘professional’ but can be very casual too.